Spelling homework will be due on Friday. A point system for spelling homework will allow your child to pick between 2-4 activities a week that will add up to 20 points. It does not matter what activities are done on what day, as long as 20 points are done by Friday. Every child has a different schedule and this allows the students to get their work done when it is convenient for you and them.


There will be reading homework Monday-Thursday. To begin the school year, students will be required to read 15 minutes each night, with a parent or guardian's signature required, and as the school year progresses, the required time will increase to 20 minutes. Students should be reading a book that is “just right” for them. A quick way to check if a book is “just right” is to pick a random page and have your child read it aloud to you. There should be between 2-3 words that are challenging or unknown, any less the book may be too easy and if there are 5 or more words unknown the book is too difficult. Your child may read silently or aloud to you in a quiet place.


There will occasionally be a homework assignment related to the current chapter book we are reading.

**If at any point you feel your child needs more time on an assignment, please feel free to contact me.