Ancient Egypt Pathfinder

Mysteries of Egypt

Information about ancient Egyptian civilization, including geography, architecture, government, writing, religion, daily life (food, shelter, transportation, trades and crafts, clothing and adornment), and sciences.

The Ancient Egyptian Culture Exhibit

This site provides a glimpse into ancient Egypt. Topics cover daily life, art, the military, architecture, hieroglyphs, religion, government, maps, history (including a timeline), and archaeology. Features a bibliography and related links.

Life in Ancient Egypt

Carnegie Museum of Natural History exhibition on ancient Egypt. Pick from several categories including Daily Life, Gods and Religion, and Funerary Customs to tour the virtual gallery of artifacts, maps, and general information.

Good introductory Web site on ancient Egypt, including pharaohs, clip art, pyramids, queens, King Tut, mummies, art, religion, gods, hieroglyphs, societies, and the Sphinx. Each topic has extended essays and further links.

The Ancient Egypt Web Site

Explores "more than 3,000 years of Ancient Egyptian history, from the end of prehistory at around 3,000 BC to the closing of the last Egyptian temple in 535/537 AD." Contains a timeline; maps and photographs of monuments.

Ancient Eygpt
You'll love this site because it has good information and it looks totally cool! Read about Egyptian Life, Geography, Mummification, Trades, Writing, and more! Find a friend to play Senet, the Egyptian board game.